What Type Of Still Is Right For My Operation?

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While sourcing the correct still may seem a little daunting, here are a few things to consider. Most equipment manufacturers understand that not all prospective brewery/distillery facilities are created equally. Some manufacturers are willing to customize the equipment to fit the brewer’s specific needs and space. Another thing to consider is how often you plan […]

The Distilling Terms

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Distillation: Distillation is the process of separating a liquid or vapour mixture into its component parts through vaporization and condensation. You can also think of distillation as a process of purifying a liquid. Distillation is necessary for several industries, not just beverage alcohol. Oil refining, perfume making, and production of chemical products such as turpentine […]

The Distillery Appendix

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GNS meaning – Grain Neutral Spirits, Grain Neutral Spirit is contrasted to Cane Neutral Spirit, Grape Neutral Spirit, among other feedstocks used to produce neutral spirits. A clear, colourless, flammable oxygenated hydrocarbon. Chemical formula: C2H5OH. It has a boiling point of 78.4°C in the anhydrous state. However, it forms a binary azeotrope with water, with […]