Enterprise - Combine Nectar smart hardware and complete software with POS data for complete bar health.

  • Simple hardware
  • Powerful software
  • Actionable reports 
  • Perpetual inventory


Minimum purchase 20 caps

2020-05-24 (4)

POS integration

Integrate with most top POS vendors for a fee

Latest Technology

21st Century inventory management

Dedicated support

Bevo Tech is available for our customers anytime

1-Year Warranty

We will replace products no questions asked

Included in this package

Revolutionary pourer & stopper

Nectar caps measure bottle levels using ultrasound to track pours in real-time. The included Nectar hub connects the caps to the cloud wirelessly, allowing you to view your pours anywhere, anytime.

Actionable pour intelligence

Combine the Nectar software with your POS data to compare theoretical vs. actual pour costs and identify over pouring and shrinkage in aggregate or by bartender

Available POS integration​

Nectar supports integrations with most top POS vendors for a fee. Process is simple and quick and allows us to get a daily feed of sales data to algorithmically match to what is being poured from the Nectar smart caps.

Complete bar health

Track your bar’s health with daily stats on pour cost. Manage your inventory with precision audit and increase turnover to reduce slow moving products. Order only what you need with smart stockout suggestions. Manage recipe profitability with detailed recipe analytics.

With Nectar, increase revenue & boost profits

Our standard package starts with 20 caps for your top sellers for only $199/month

That’s less than the cost of one drink per day!

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