Gain superior control over your beverages with Stoak Technologies

Stoak Technologies is a biotech company that gives alcoholic beverage producers never before seen options when it comes to utilising the benefits of oak in a highly concentrated, liquid form. 100% Natural, certified organic liquified oak is made with only the highest quality materials using Stoak Technologies proprietary extraction method. We at Bevo Tech pride ourselves on being able to provide the beverage sector with a comprehensive range of solutions for any problem. Our partnership with Stoak Technologies gives breweries, wineries and distillers a range of options to control their products in ways that can only be described as ingenious.

Brew-Shield for Breweries

Developed to preserve the flavour, aroma, colour and freshness of beer, Brewshield is a no brainer for craft breweries worldwide. The insatiable craft beer market is unforgiving in its quest for flavour and consistency. By using Brew-Shield, breweries will maintain their flavours for longer, increasing shelf life, transport distances and provide a consistent experience for all their customers.

Brewery Equipment
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Structan & Wine Shield for Wineries

Any winemaker knows the value, flavour and quality aged oak barrels will bring to their wines. Stoak Technologies has created a product that doesn’t need to be aged, requires no guesswork and can be tweaked specifically to individual winemakers needs. Developed to finish the tannins in your wine to provide freshness, flavour and colour that will last. Opening up a host of options in production, storage and export business processes.

WLT 150 for Distillers

The flavour, feel and maturation of 150 years aged oak in a 100% natural, organic liquid solution. Stoak Technologies Superior Oak Additive is taking the liquor industry by surprise. For the first time in history, distillers can dial in the exact profile of maturation and oak tones by using either American and French oak extract or a blend of the two. The same congeners extracted over the years from the barrel’s sidewall are extracted for application on a molecular level with your spirits.


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