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4 reasons why you should not buy Chinese brewing equipment

Chinese Brewing Equipment
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Thinking of buying some Chinese brewing equipment?

You are not alone. ‘Direct from the manufacturer!’ is a buzzword we’ve heard in sales and marketing many times and across many different industries. The internet has transformed the way we do business and today it’s easier than ever to skip any middleman and go straight to the manufacturer. Which is often great. It usually results in better savings for the consumer and more selling power for the manufacturers. 

Now, let us get one thing straight. We are not anti-Chinese, or against Chinese brewing equipment specifically. This blog is not ideologically or politically motivated and you can without a doubt get high-quality Chinese brewing equipment. This blog is designed to inform consumers as to the dangers of ordering Chinese brewing equipment straight from the manufacturer. 

In brewing and other beverage production sectors, we have seen a sharp rise in the amount of Chinese equipment being produced. The craft brewery and distillery boom have led to manufacturers cashing in and servicing the emerging needs of the market. Which is great, but unfortunately not all manufacturers are created equal and you can protect your business, your investment, your customers, and your blood pressure by going with a trusted distributor. 

Here are our big 4 reasons why you shouldn’t buy Chinese brewing equipment straight from the manufacturer.

A Middleman is Working For You

One of the biggest reasons people go straight to manufacturers is they believe they will be saving money. Well, yes and no. You might save yourself a few bucks if you find the cheapest Chinese brewery equipment out there. But how long did it take you to find it? Is it really the cheapest? Is it compatible with your other equipment? Will it reach your production goals? Will it clear customs and be shipped on time?

Chinese brewing equipment These questions all take time and energy to answer and there is plenty more where they came from. This must be the biggest reason – when you work with a distributor, their goal is to make sure you reach your businesses objectives, it is not about selling you one piece of equipment.

After Sales Service

Relationships are extremely important when it comes to after-sales service. Did your Chinese brewery equipment break down? Did you accidentally give the wrong specifications? Is the part you ordered compatible with the other part you ordered from another manufacturer? Do you want some advice on scaling your brewery operation? A middleman will be able to provide ongoing, technical, and consulting advice for a long time after the sale has gone through. 

Every brewer’s worst nightmare is stopping production. If you run into technical issues, need replacement parts or want to troubleshoot problems, you will be reliant on a manufacturer on the other side of the world. 

Little Knowledge of Local Conditions

Australia and NZ have pretty unique climates. Australia can get bloody hot in the summer and NZ is freezing most of the time. Unless you’re brewing in a climate-controlled space, the seasons and conditions will dictate many factors. Will your Chinese brewing equipment adapt to the vastly different conditions it will be exposed to? 

Also, you always need to check whether or not any Chinese brewing equipment meets local standards. All brewing equipment is subject to local standards which, if not met, can result in some nasty consequences for your business. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on the manufacturer to check they meet local standards. At the end of the day, you’ll be responsible. 

No consumer Protection

Any product purchased or service rendered in Australia is subject to Australian laws and protections. This is the worst-case scenario, but just imagine if the company you ordered your Chinese brewery equipment from just disappeared, stopped responding to you or just never sent your order. What could you do? Well, the reality is very little. There is almost no legal recourse available for you and you are buying things outside of the normal protections granted to Australian/NZ consumers. 

Bevo Tech works with the highest quality Chinese brewery equipment manufacturer. Our partner is in the top 3 of APAC commercial brewing equipment fabricator and is a preferred supplier and manufacturer of the Brewers Association, BFBi and Independent Brewers Association.

When you work with Bevo Tech, we are always working in your best interests and provide a local, cost-effective solution to obtaining the best brewery equipment whilst minimizing any risk to our customers. 

Visit our website and view some of brewing equipment or give us a call on 0448 225 244 or you can email @ [email protected]

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