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Fermenters and Bioreactors

Bevo tech's high quality Fermenter/Bioreactor equipment can be used for a variety of bio-tech projects and to create pharmaceutical products. From medical cannabis to soil improvement, fermenters/bioreactors have many uses.


bevo Tech Fermenters/Bioreactors

At Bevo Tech we custom design Fermenter/ bioreactor set-ups for your specific project and location. Our fermenters/bioreactors will be designed and manufactured with your project in mind. Get in touch with our dedicated team of specialists to discuss your bio-tech/ pharmaceutical project and we will promptly provide you with a custom 3D model design and competitive quote.


Custom Professional Design

Bevo Tech can design and install so you can save on space and costs. For each one of our bio-tech/pharmaceutical projects, Bevo Tech creates a custom 3D model design using state of the art Solidworks and CAD. This bio-tech/pharmaceutical layout technique ensures every detail is laid out so that you can achieve your desired result.

Deliveries Triple Checked Before Shipment

Every custom designed Bevo Tech bio-tech/pharmaceutical fermenter/bioreactor set-up is thoroughly checked and approved during processing and commissioning at the Bevo Tech manufacturing facility before shipment commences. We test temperature control status, piping work, programming in PLC, material flow, etc. in accordance with the Bevo Tech promise and guarantee for a fully functional and successful bio-tech/pharmaceutical operation using our fermenter/bioreactor equipment and set-up.


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