Custom Builder and Designer

How your brewery or beverage production space is laid out and designed will affect productivity, workers quality of life and your bottom line. It’s not enough to just buy all the right gear and throw it together, you need to design and build a custom brewery or space that works with you and maximises your output. Our experienced, energetic and innovative friends over at G Construction are your answer to state of the art, custom brewery questions. G Construction have worked on some of the most iconic custom breweries in Western Australia, including Little Creatures Brewing and many more. They are experts on squeezing the most functionality out of a space. G Construction

Who's it for?

G Construction’s experience in designing and building breweries make them an easy choice for anyone looking to start a new custom brewery space or expand/upgrade an existing one. But their industry knowledge in beverage production can be utilised for anyone in the sector. Wineries, distilleries, and juice producers will benefit from having a builder and designer who understands the demands of modern beverage production spaces.

Type of Services

Design & Planning is an essential element of the building process and G Construction can work with you to create the drawings necessary for council approval.

Building: From the first brick to the last lick of paint, G Construction will be your trusted builder on the ground looking after your interests.

Custom Brewery: These days, you don’t need to have a lot of space to create a world class custom brewery. G Construction specialise in designing and building container breweries that a built to specifications and are delivered ready to brew. Meaning you can get brewing for a fraction of the cost it would normally take.

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