5 reasons better your brewery equipment a local distributor

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Ordering your brewery equipment can be like navigating a minefield. As the local craft brewery scene has exploded around the world, so has the market for cheaper, ready-made brewery equipment that is often sold by distribution companies based in China, America and throughout Europe. Ordering from these international companies, or direct from the manufacturer, can expose brewers to a range of hazards that can cost thousands of extra dollars or halt production completely. Hazards such as incompatible brewery equipment, hidden fees, little to no after-sales service or your brewery equipment being left on the dock are all scenarios that are not uncommon but can be avoided.

Here are our top 5 reasons why it is always better to order your brewery equipment through a local distributor.    

Understanding Australian and NZ Standards

Complying with Australian and New Zealand standards can seem like a massive headache, but they are there for a reason. Standards are put in place to protect your business, and your consumers. Many international distributors or manufacturers are negligent or just plain ignorant of the specifics concerning whether their brewery equipment meet local standards.

When you order through a local distributor, you can be safe in the knowledge that all brewery equipment will be up to standard and will clear customs. This will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress.


So you’ve selected all your brewery equipment and are confident it’s the right fit for the right price. You go to pay and see that after taxes, conversion fees and shipping costs it equals thousands more than you thought it would. Purchasing brewery equipment from overseas can come with a ton of extra costs that aren’t always visible from the beginning. If you work with a local distribution company, calculating things like shipping costs, taxes and conversions fees that are specific to your location are day-to-day occurrences. Your initial quote will be the only figure you need to calculate.

After sales service

This is a big one. If purchasing your brewery equipment from an international distributor or direct from the manufacturer, you run the risk of being reliant on an overseas company for all maintenance, replacement parts or troubleshooting problems. Time zones and language can get tricky and communication can easily break down. A local company will always be available on the phone and in person and any issues with your brewery equipment can be rectified quickly.

One Point of Contact

Tank Heads from Japan, flowmeters from Germany, butterfly valves from China, variable frequency drives from Denmark and all shipped through individual companies. Assembling the best brewery equipment for the best price often requires shopping many different manufacturers from different locations. When working with a local distribution company, you will only ever have to talk to one business. Sourcing equipment and ensuring it is compatible, arrives on time, to standard and on budget is their business, ensuring you can focus on growing yours.


The right brewery equipment for your needs, that is what a reputable local distributor will provide. Working with a local distributor is more than just ordering some one-off brewery equipment. It’s about building a working relationship where they understand your business, your needs and your goals.

At Bevo Tech we are proud to be one of the only local distribution companies that specifically cater for the Australian and NZ markets. We work with only the best overseas manufacturers and local installers to provide brewing equipment solutions that are specifically designed to meet your company’s needs.

View our range of brewery equipment on our website or get in touch today on 0448 225 244 or email @ [email protected] to see how working with a local distributor can benefit you.


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