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Revolutionary pourer & stopper

Nectar caps measure bottle levels using ultrasound to track pours in real-time. The included Nectar hub connects the caps to the cloud wirelessly, allowing you to view your pours anywhere, anytime. Minimum purchase is 20 caps.

Pour analytics dashboard

From any phone or computer, track your pours in real-time, plus view a detailed pour report that includes total pour volume, average pour size, off-hour pours, and more.

Precision Audit & inventory software

Nectars Audit App is provided free from Bevo Tech when you purchase the minimum order of 20 smart pourers or stoppers. This software uses laser mapped bottles to look up the exact remaining volume with high accuracy, and it can help you track all of your bar inventory whatever it is. 

Nectar Smart Technology

Metal Top

Designed and tested by bartenders. Solid construction thats pours and corks same as traditional caps

Nectar’s Patented Sensor

Every cap does complex signal processing to measure and report pours in real-time without changing behavior

Universal Fit

Nectar caps come in varied sizes to accommodate various bottle openings

Air-tight Seal

Corks the bottles and withstands the daily wear and tear of bar life. Built to withstand alcohol and be washed in the sink

100% Coverage

Smart caps that cover all your open bottles including the corked ones in your back bar

No Charging Required

Batteries are sealed and invisible and last for more than a year. The replacement cap is automatically sent if under contract


Get a snapshot of every shot

Nectar caps provide a real – time feed of exactly what’s being poured at the bar and when


With Nectar, increase revenue & boost profits

Our standard package starts with 20 caps for your top sellers for only $199/month 

That’s less than the cost of one drink per day!

How to order?


1) Choose your package

Pick the products you want to cap


2) Receive and activate

Set-up only takes minutes


3) Track your pours

Avg pour size, volume, and more

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Frequently asked questions

What happens after I place my order?
After you place the order, Bevo Tech prepares all the caps by individually labeling them to the product. They are also configured to activate with a single click once placed on the bottle. Setup is designed to be quick so you can start using the real-time pour data to maximize profits.
How does billing work, When will I be charged?
We collect your payment info when you place the order on our website, however your subscription doesn’t start until you receive the caps.
When will my pourer and stopper arrive?
It usually takes 7-15 days from the date of your order for the caps to arrive at your door. If there are further delays our support team will be in touch. Your subscription will only begin once the caps arrive at your doorstep.

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