Beer Bubble Eliminator - "Piggy Tail"



Bevo Tech Sanitary sampling Beer Bubble Eliminator – “Piggy Tail” allows for easy sampling from Brite Tanks or Fermenters under pressure conditions, made of SS304.

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The foam eliminator is used in pressure vessel sampling valve system. The foam eliminator is equipped with a special function. The connecting port is hung on the spiral sampling valve and the plug sampling valve outlet. The tube’s inner diameter is smooth; the sampling valve is opened and flows to the coil of the defoamer. Through the spiral direction of the coil. The gas pressure of beer is reduced, and there is little foam in the wine, which can ensure the taste of the wine during sampling and meet various production technologies’ requirements. It can also be used for wine beating equipment, The beer foam eliminator stainless steel material, sanitary design, meet the beer industry and other technical fields.


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