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Inline Beer Carbonation Stone


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The Inline Carbonation Stone is perfect for those who need to fill multiple tanks with beer and want consistent carbon dioxide levels. With this type of assembly, you can oxygenate as much or little depending on how many days it’ll be before drinking (or selling) your tasty creation!

It can be used across several fermenters, allowing you to oxygenate as needed and carbonate ready beer at any time. With the Inline Carbonation Stone, you can carbonate your beer as required with just one assembly.

2 in stock

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Manual wort aeration assembly

Grade 304 stainless steel

1.5″ tri-clamp x 0.5″ BSPM 300mm long carbonation stone

Non-return valve kit

2″ Sight glass

1.5″ Butterfly valve tri-clamp with a plastic 12 position lever handle

2″ x 1.5″ Concentric reducer

2″ Double hinged clamp

2″ Lipped EPDM seal


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