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20L Carlsberg Flask - Yeast Propagation

The Bevo Tech CARLSBERG FLASK is used for the propagation of yeast cultures in a sterile environment and the transfer
of the pure yeast culture under sterile conditions ensuring contamination-free culture development.

Suitable for the Beverage, Pharma and Bio-Tech Industry.

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Vessel Specifications:

– Approximate Overall Outside Dimensions: ID300 x450mm

– Working Volume: 20L

– Total Volume: 30L

– Approximate Empty Weight: 67kg

– Design Pressure: 1bar

– Shell Thickness: 3mm

– Inside Finish: 2B

– Outside Finish: #4

– Inner Shell Ra below to 0.8um

– Internal Pickled and Passivated Surface and Seam

– Exterior Welds, Grounded and Polished to #4

– All apertures flared both inside & out, no corners could harbor dirt


1x PRV

1x Bunging Valve

1x Sample Valve

1x Pressure Gauge

1x Aeration Lance


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