Brass Hot & Cold - Water Mixing Unit

Hot & cold water mixing unit was specifically designed for thoroughly blending hot and cold water instantly by mixing supplied hot water with cold water to achieve required temperature output.



Brass Hot & Cold – Water Mixing Unit

Product model: 3600M-B SERIES
Main Material: Mixer Body: Brass

Globe Style Valves: Brass / Stainless Steel

Check Valves: Brass

Temperature Gauge: (optional) Stainless Steel

Size: Inlet / Outlet Diameter: 3/4″ NPT
Weight: 9KG
Maximum Pressure: 150PSI
Maximum Temperature: 93° C
Features: •Incorporated Y-style body with check valves and ball joint unions for superior flexibility during installation.

•Inlet centre lines which have the same dimensions as most of our competitors.

•Includes mounting plate, hose rack, and optional temperature gauge

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Weight 9 kg


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