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Brewpub Equipment

Brewpub Equipment

A brewpub is an establishment, usually a restaurant or gastropub, that sells beer that has been brewed on the premises. The beer is poured directly from the taproom, ensuring the freshest beer possible and offering a unique and exciting atmosphere for the guests of the brewpub.

What is the ideal Brewpub set-up?

The ideal brewpub set-up is one where the beer manufacturing process is in full view of the brewpub guests. Customers travel to brewpubs especially to be amongst this process, to experience something a little bit different or simply because they love beer. There is usually a transparent glass wall that acts as a barrier for health, safety and security reasons that allows the customer to observe the brewing process.

Bevo Tech Brewpub Equipment

The set-up for pub brewery or restaurant brewery establishments is designed completely differently to a microbrewery. Brewpub establishment owners need to have their brewing area aesthetically pleasing for their guests, but also prepared to allow for a larger output, due to their popularity and options for exporting and distributing their product. This means many brewpubs must come with the adaptability of being able to change from kegs to bottles/cans.

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A great brewpub allows their guests to eat and drink in an environment where the production of beer entertains them but does not interrupt their dining experience. Brewpub operators must keep this in mind when they design and select a layout for their brewery equipment

Advantages of a Turnkey Brewpub & Restaurant Brewery Project with Bevo Tech

1. Professional Design

Bevo Tech creates a custom 3D model design using state of the art solidworks and CAD design for every single brewpub and restaurant brewhouse layout. This brewpub layout technique ensures every detail – from malt handling to beer tapping to piping – is laid out for maximum use of space and productivity: the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality and machinery. Bevo Tech’s passionate and dedicated team designs and installs brewpub equipment in the most efficient way possible so that you can save on space and costs. Every Bevo Tech brewhouse is set up on skids as this compact design works best with the dimensions of every brewpub, no matter size the space is.

2. Turnkey Finish

All Bevo Tech brewpub projects are completed on time, to a high standard and ready for you to begin operations and production. Our team puts a lot of thought and care into the design and fabrication so that your operation will be a success, allowing you to focus on your business. Bevo Tech’s standard of vessels is inside 2B, Ra≤0.6 and external #4 or copper finish. Our customers get a complete turnkey service.

3. Easy to Use Automated Control Cabinets

Bevo Tech offers two control system options for brewpubs and restaurants: semi-automatic or completely automatic. This amount of automation is necessary for a brewpub as not only is your equipment is on full display but also your hospitality operation at your brewpub will require your attention. Automated control cabinets offer peace of mind and ensure no break in service due to interruptions in your brewing process.


4. Deliveries Triple Checked Before Shipping

Every custom designed Bevo Tech brewhouse or brewpub finished set-up is thoroughly checked and approved during processing and commissioning at the Bevo Tech manufacturing facility before shipment commences. We test temperature control status, piping work, programming in PLC, material flow, etc. in accordance with the Bevo Tech promise and guarantee for a fully functional and successful brewing experience using our brewhouse or brewpub equipment and set-up.

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