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Brewpub Equipment

Brewpub Equipment

There's a lot going on behind the scenes when you go to a pub or restaurant with a local brewery! Depending on whether it is a craft beer/microbrewery type institution (i.e., brewpub), patrons may expect a variety of surroundings and experiences throughout history. Indeed, changes in time have resulted in various sorts of pub settings where people gather to enjoy their favorite beverages socially while building memories for decades to come!

What Is the Best Brewpub Layout?

The ideal brewpub setup would be one that allows you to see the beer being produced. It's more than simply a bar; it's an experience! Breweries should ideally want people to come in because of what this area offers that other places don't, such as openness in their process, ambience Or how much kind everyone is than everywhere else. A superb brewpub lets its visitors to dine and drink in a setting where beer production entertains them while not interfering with their eating experience. Brewpub owners and operators must take this in mind when designing and choosing a layout for their brewing equipment.

Brewpub Equipment from Bevo Tech

The set-up for pub brewery or restaurant brewery establishments is designed completely differently to a microbrewery. Brewpub establishment owners need to have their brewing area aesthetically pleasing for their guests, but also prepared to allow for a larger output, due to their popularity and options for exporting and distributing their product. This means many brewpubs must come with the adaptability of being able to change from kegs to bottles/cans.

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Benefits of Working with Bevo Tech

1. Design Expertise

Bevo Tech provides a customized 3D model design for each brewpub and restaurant brewhouse layout utilising cutting-edge solidworks and CAD software. This brewpub architecture method assures that every aspect – from malt processing to beer tapping to piping – is optimised for space and productivity: the ideal balance of beauty, practicality, and equipment. The enthusiastic and devoted staff at Bevo Tech develops and installs brewery equipment in the most effective way possible, saving you space and money. Every Bevo Tech brewhouse is built on skids because this small design fits best with the dimensions of any brewpub, regardless of size.

2. Turnkey Finishing

All Bevo Tech Brewery projects are finished on time, at a high level, and are ready for you to start operations and production. Our staff puts a lot of attention and care into the design and manufacturing so that your operation runs smoothly and you can focus on your company. Bevo Tech's vessel standard is inner 2B, Ra0.6, and an exterior #4 or copper finish. Our customers receive a full turnkey service.

3. Simple to Use Cabinets for Automated Control

For brewpubs and restaurants, Bevo Tech provides two control system options: semi-automated and fully automatic. This level of automation is required for a brewpub since not only is your equipment on show, but your hospitality operation will also demand your attention. Automated control cabinets provide piece of mind and ensure that your brewing process is not disrupted.

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4. Triple checked Deliverables

Before shipment, every custom designed Bevo Tech brewhouse or brewpub final set-up is rigorously verified and approved during processing and commissioning at the Bevo Tech production plant. In line with the Bevo Tech promise and guarantee for a completely functioning and successful brewing experience utilising our brewhouse or brewpub equipment and set-up, we test temperature control status, pipe work, PLC programming, material flow, and so on.

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