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Bronze Steam & Cold Water Mixing Unit

 DURAMIX 8000 Steam & Cold Water Stations are rated #1 in the world, based on independent testing by steam industry experts!

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Bronze Steam & Cold Water Mixing Unit

Product model:DURAMIX 8000GM-B SERIES
Main Material:Mixer Body: Bronze

Check Valves: Bronze / Stainless Steel

Hose Rack: 300 Series Stainless Steel

Temperature Gauge: (optional) Stainless Steel

Size:Inlet / Outlet Diameter: 3/4″ NPT
Working Steam Pressure (Saturated Only):30-150PSI
Working Water Pressure:30-150PSI
Maximum Pressure: 150PSI
Maximum Temperature: 93° C
Features:•Operates with as little as 30 PSI water pressure without the hassle of changing internal components

•Dual output design with a Secondary Outlet at the top allows the piping to other places like sinks, showers, etc. to supply hot water

•Automatic shutoff feature built into the design to prevent live steam from passing through the unit.

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Weight9 kg


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Bronze Steam & Cold Water Mixing Unit 628d89262b32b