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Brush Cleaner / Sorting Tables

The Kreuzmayr Brush Cleaner handles the fruit gently while giving it a thorough cleaning with its soft rotating brushes. The sorting table allows the fruit to be culled with a roller conveyor belt catching the stems, leaves or peelings.

With the Kreuzmayr presorting assembly, the fruit is transferred through a conveyor belt or bin tipper to a sorting table. Here the fruit and vegetables get presorted and repeatedly turned by the roller conveyor belt which runs in reverse running direction. The rolls, with special plastic bearing guides, catch the stems, leaves or peelings and transfer these to a collection area. This sorting process allows a gentle and even distribution.

We offer various conveyor belts based on the nature of your products. Fruit (from tough root vegetables to soft-skinned fruit)  is then transferred from the conveyor to the brush cleaner. To ensure gentle but thorough cleaning, the brush cleaner is equipped with soft, rotating brushes. The hulled and washed fruits rolls safely into the washer/elevator/grinder unit and then into a single or double belt press From the outlet of the press, it is discharged onto a coated mash conveyor belt, with up to 30% inclination, and ultimately into a composting container.

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Brush Cleaner / Sorting Tables Advantages

  • Adjustable working height
  • The machine is made completely of stainless steel
  • Automatic control for the entire unit
  • Plug-in compact unit with stainless steel castors
  • Central collecting area for debris
  • Special non-stick coating on the pomace conveyor belt

Easy Operation

The fruits and vegetables are initially placed on the presorting belt, and subsequently transferred to the sorting roll. After the cleaning, the hulled and washed fruit roll safely to the machine outlet. The entire assembly is automatically controlled with the Start-/Stop key.


The base frame consists of a sturdy stainless steel frame. The stainless steel rolls are mounted with special high-grade plastic bearings and the gear mechanism is completely enclosed and therefore maintenance-free. The special adapter plugs and the special plastic bearings, facilitate an easy and quick replacement of damaged rolls if needed.

Technical Data

Brush Cleaner

KFB 10 KFB 20
Nominal capacity2 2000 kg/hour 4000 kg/hour
Water consumption at 5 bar (liters/min) 3 6.6
Electrical connection (V/60 Hz) 208-480V depending on your needs
Electrical connection (kW) 1.1 1.1


Belt Sorting Conveyor

Brush Cleaner / Sorting Tables Nominal capacity 5000 kg/hour
Sorting area (mm) 2000 x 600
Electrical connection (V/60 Hz) 208-480V depending on your needs
Electrical connection (kW) 0.37


Roller Sorting Conveyor

Nominal capacity 5000 kg/hour 8000 kg/hour
Sorting area (mm) 3000 x 600 3000 x 800
Electrical connection (V/60 Hz) 208-480V depending on your needs
Brush Cleaner / Sorting Tables Electrical connection (kW) 0.37 0.55


Mash Conveyor

Nominal capacity 1000 kg/hour 3000 kg/hour
Dimensions of belt (mm) 2000 x 300 6000 x 300
Electrical connection (V/60 Hz) 208-480V depending on your needs
Electrical connection (kW) 1.5 1.5


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