Looking for a Nano brewhouse that is designed and built to the latest standards in the industry?


Brew Nano. Brew Fine.

The Bevo Tech 3V Nano Brewhouse is the perfect brewing system for the brewer who wants to make small batches of beer, perform R&D or piloting . This compact and easy-to-use system features a steam condenser with the KWPT, anti-dry heating sensors, a wort pump with VFD, an HLT pump, a wort filter, and wort aeration and a double-stage heat exchanger.

Brewers can feel secure knowing they can contact us for any issue that might emerge during or after the project DELIVERY, thanks to our complete integrated solution.

Prescise Product Heating Setup

The Independent heating element for each vessel is the key to achieving precise heating in a brewhouse. Our brewhouse is designed with independent heating elements for each vessel so that brewers can precisely control the temperature and process of their brewhouse.

These elements ensure high contact between the product and the surface while maintaining consistent temperatures compared to other systems.


Your Brewhouse System Centralized

A set of universal system controls is essential when establishing a brewhouse facility. With all of your essential pump, heating, and cooling elements localized and closer, you can make faster, more precise adjustments during your brew day. As a result, your brewhouse will be far more precise than ever before.

Our updated control panels allow users to customize their brew by selecting from various temperature profiles and brewing processes while making modifications along the way.


Effecient Brewing with a whirlpool vessel

The ever-changing craft beer landscape has made batch size flexibility a focus for successful breweries. The integrated whirlpool option allows for efficient single-day double batching. By transferring the wort out of the boil kettle, brewers can immediately begin running off the second batch while knockout occurs from the whirlpool vessel.

As a result, you can reduce your brew time in half.


Engineered to Minimize Manual Work

As you attract more and more people to your brewery, new challenges come with scaling and maintaining production from brew day to packing day. Our products are engineered to minimize manual work and maximize production. Our systems simplify the process of brewing and distilling by automating the most time-consuming tasks. With a Bevo system you Avoid potential contamination, Get better yield from ingredients and Increase quality consistency.

We’ve already helped dozens of businesses grow their craft with our technology. The next step is to help you do the same. Contact us today to learn how a Bevo system can help you produce more, better and faster.

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