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All-in-one Kombucha Management Software

Brew More. Brew Better. #Bucha30


Are you a kombucha brewer who is tired of using standard brewery management systems to track your accounting and inventory? Switch over and use Bucha30!

Undestand the costs that are associated with Base Sugars & Teas, Hops, and Adjuncts.

Have the ability to rebrew into a mother tank and follow fermentation curves for months to years.

Analyze the health associated with harvesting your SCOBY, and add that to the overall COGS for that particular brew!


Bucha30 is customized to fit your brewery’s needs. Choose the features that your kombucha brewery needs most, and add/remove features at any time.

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Bucha30 – Kombucha Brewery Inventory Management 628ba6e62208a