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Champagne Corking & Caging Machine

Semi-automatic pneumatic machine for corking and wire caging of sprkling bottled product or champagne.  Monobloc design compact and mobile.  Corker has stainless steel jaw and controlled by an actuator and bottle sensor.  Wire caging is functioned by a group of pignon-rack in 3 turns and 1/8th to ensure the flatness of the ring.

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Rate of production : 300 to 500 bottles / hour

Bottle spec:  Heigth 9.0″ to 15.2″ and diameter 2.56″ to 4.6″

Distribution of the corks : manual

Distribution of the wirehoods : automatic (reserve of 60 wirehoods)

Electrical power : 0,1 KW

Air network connection : ¼ gas

Supply voltage : 220 Volts

Air consumption : 20 m3 / h

Compressed air pressure : 88 psi (6 bars)


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