CIP Tank Static Spray Ball

Spray Balls are the primary cleaning components for tanks and vessels such as storage tanks, CIP tanks, and milk collection vehicles. We provide a wide range of sizes, flow rates, and combinations for a wide range of cleaning applications. Spray balls, as static cleaners, are intended for flush cleaning with a high flow rate, resulting in forceful flushing at low pressure.


✅ Low Capital outlay

✅ Convenient maintenance

✅ High Flow rates

✅No wearing parts

✅ Lower Water Treatment costs with Efficient Cleaning




  • Stationary spray ball with 360° and 10 ft of cleaning coverage
  • 304 stainless steel.
  • Ball diameter is 2-1/2″.
  • For mini, spray ball 2″ and 3″ ball for 1.5″ pin-end & 1.5″NPT.
  • Optimum operation: 40 GPM @25 PSI.
  • Static spray ball for general CIP application. Required line strainer with 100 mesh size.


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