CO2 Sensor InPro5000i/12/120

In-Line CO2 Measurement in Food & Beverage. The InPro 5000i/12/120 is an in-line carbon dioxide sensor with ISM that allows for accurate measurement and control of dissolved CO2 in Food & Beverage applications. It is based on the widely accepted Severinghaus principle of CO2 measurement.

In situ measurement of CO2 with the InPro 5000i 12/120 allows the immediate reaction to CO2 changes to help maximize productivity in cell culture.

Sterilizable and Autoclavable

The InPro 5000i 12/120 is fully SIP resistant and autoclavable. It is made of FDA compliant materials, making it optimal for pharmaceutical, food and beverage processes.

Easy to Handle and Maintain

This CO2 sensor uses a membrane body concept to dramatically limit maintenance time. The inner body, a pH electrode, can easily be replaced on site.

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Specifications – CO2 Sensor InPro5000i/12/120
Measurement Range: Concentration10–1000 mbar pCO2
Measurement Range (Concentration)0.145-14.5 psig pCO2
Accuracy± (10 % of the reading + 10 mbar)
Hygienic/Biocompatibility ApprovalsEHEDG EL Class 1, USP ClassVI/FDA/USP Class 7
CIP resistantYes
Certificates & ApprovalsQuality certificate, Material certificate 3.1, Surface finish certificate, FDA/USP Class IV
Measurement ParameterCarbon Dioxide
Cable ConnectorK8S
ISM (Digital) or AnalogISM (Digital)
Wetted Metallic Material316L stainless steel
Surface Roughness of Wetted MaterialN5/Ra16 (Ra=0.4μm/16μin)
Sensor Diameter12mm
O-Ring MaterialViton®, Silicone
Measuring Temp. Range32 °F – 140 °F (0 °C – 60 °C)
Mechanical Temp. Range32 °F – 275 °F (0 °C – 135 °C)
Model FamilyInPro 5000i
Operating Pressure (Bar)0.200 bar–2.000 bar
Operating Pressure (PSI)
Primary Media/ApplicationPharmaceutical/Life Science Production
Process ConnectionPg 13.5
Response TimeT90 = < 120 s; Air to CO2 @ 25°C
Sensor Length120 mm
Wetted membrane materialPTFE
Measurement TechnologyPotentiometric Severinghaus
Connector DesignStraight
Design Pressure44 psig (3 bar)
IP ratingIP 67
Operating Range CO210 mbar – 1,000 mbar
Measured Pressure Resistance0.2 bar – 2 bar
Material Number(s)30013606


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