CO2 Sensor InPro5500i/Var. Type N

In-Line CO2 Measurement in Beverages. The InPro 5500i Varivent is a thermal conductivity CO2 sensor that is optimal for monitoring carbonation levels for beer and soft drink quality control. Its ISM technology simplifies handling and reduces sensor lifetime costs.

Maintain Beverage Quality Control

This CO2 sensor helps ensure final products meet your standards. It provides reliable, accurate CO2 measurements in carbonated beverages and beer.

Durable Performance and Easy Handling

The InPro 5500i has no moving parts, helping to prevent downtime. The simplified membrane cap design allows for fast maintenance.

Intelligent Design and Diagnostics

The CO2 sensor has built-in protection during CIP/SIP, and its predictive diagnostics protect the integrity of your m

Easy to Handle and Maintain

This CO2 sensor uses a membrane body concept to dramatically limit maintenance time. The inner body, a pH electrode, can easily be replaced on site.


Specifications – CO2 Sensor InPro5500i/Var. Type N

Measurement Range: Concentration 0…10 bar pCO2, 0…15 g/L CO2, 0…7 V/V CO2
Measurement Range (Concentration) 0…145 psig pCO2
Accuracy ± 1 % (± 5 °C of calibration temperature, ± 2 % over temperature range 0 … 50 °C (32 … 122 °F)
Hygienic/Biocompatibility Approvals FDA
Autoclavable/Sterilizable Sterilizable Only
CIP resistant Yes
Certificates & Approvals Quality certificate, Material certificate 3.1, Surface finish certificate
Measurement Parameter Carbon Dioxide
Cable Connector M12; 5 PIN
ISM (Digital) or Analog ISM (Digital)
Wetted Metallic Material 316L stainless steel
Surface Roughnes of Wetted Material N5/Ra16 (Ra=0.4μm/16μin)
O-Ring Material EPDM
Measuring Temp. Range 32 °F – 122 °F (0 °C – 50 °C)
Mechanical Temp. Range 23 °F – 250 °F (-5 °C – 121 °C)
Model Family InPro 5500i
Operating Pressure (Bar) 0-20 bar
Operating Pressure (PSI) 362.6 psi
Primary Media/Application Food and Beverage
Process Connection Varivent Type N
Response Time 21 s (measurement cycle time)
Wetted membrane material Silicone
Measurement Technology Thermal Conductivity
Connector Design Straight
Design Pressure 290 psi
Design Pressure 20 bar
Flow Requirements >0.5 m/s
IP rating IP 67
Measurement Cycle < 20 s
Operating Range CO2 (g/L) 0 – 15
Operating Range CO2 0 psi – 145 psi (0 bar – 10 bar)
Operational Range CO2 (V/V) 0 – 7
Temperature Compensation Automatic with built -in RTD
Material Number(s) 30034265


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