2V Cold Brew Coffee House

Cold-brew coffee houses 2V range from 3.5 bbl to 25 bbl, including a glycol jacketed mixing vessel with a false bottom and a rake/plow system as standard features. Each Coffee House is equipped with a coffee filter in your preferred micron size.

Bevo Tech is your one-stop-shop for all things related to cold brew coffee production and packaging. Bevo Tech offers tailored solutions to match your needs because no two cold brew businesses are the same. Our cutting-edge Coffee House is the result of long-term collaborations with cold brew coffee enthusiasts who collaborated with our engineers to create a cost-effective and efficient brewing system for all types of brewers.

Our staff is here to help you grow and thrive in your business by assisting you with everything from determining your ideal plan to creating the layout and size of your brewhouse and tanks. We recognize that every brewer is different, so our primary goal is to determine what makes your facility and process unique and build solutions to meet your demands. Inquire about tailoring a solution to your specific cold brew coffee requirements.

✅ Plug and Play

✅ Complete Assembly on stainless steel base skid

✅ Easy cleaning and accessibility with false bottom and strainer

✅ Comes with a coffee hydrator for bigger systems

✅ Big Grain-out door for removal of spent grain



  • Sizing – 3.5 BBL to 25 BBL

  • Stainless Steel 304

  • Agitator

  • Glass Manway

  • Pressure Relief Valves

  • Inner Shell Picked and Passivated Surface Seam

  • Exterior Welds, Grounded and Polished to #4

  • Complete Assembly on stainless steel base skid

  • Electric, Gas and Steam Heating options

  • Control Panel


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