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Cold Liquor Tank

CLT stands for short-term cold liquor tank, and it is used to hold cold water in your beer can. CLT is used to chill the wort after it has been transferred from the plate heat exchanger to the fermentation tank. The cold liquid tank can, of course, receive cold water from the plate heat exchanger. The tank is often made of stainless steel and is located near the brewhouse equipment, particularly near the heat exchanger.

The cold liquid tank is welded with a cooling jacket, which means it has an inner shell and an outer shell, with an insulating substance inserted between the two. A coil is located between this shell and allows the glycol in your cooling system to run through it, allowing you to chill the water in the tank to the appropriate temperature.


✅ Water that consistently retains the required temperature

✅ Have more water on hand for cleaning or the next brewing session.

✅ Reduce the Glycol Cooling System’s Workload

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  • Capacity available from 1/2 bbl to 200bbl
  • SS 304 construction
  • Top manway
  • Sanitary rotary spray ball
  • PU foam insulated
  • Optional with a cooling jacket or inner coil
  • Sanitary thermowell
  • Bottom discharge
  • Four legs adjustable feet, optional for anti-seismic
  • Internal shell: 2B, External Shell polished #4


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