Convenient brewhouse designed for a large microbrewery.


A simple, yet effective procedure for brewing.

Microbreweries are small and independent breweries that prioritize flavour and technology. At Bevo Tech, we design and manufacture brewhouse equipment for your needs. Our complete brewing equipment comprises a plug-and-play solution in which the brewing vessels and tanks, as well as the glycol system, pumps, valves, pipes, and controls, are all included. So all that remains is for you to select your favourite recipes before we begin.

Our ultimate goal is to offer and install the equipment you need to maximize beer output while keeping the integrity of your craft brew, regardless of space, time, or price constraints.

Customized To Your Needs.

The ever-changing craft beer landscape has made batch size flexibility a focus for successful breweries. The 2V Large Micro Brewhouse is a fully customizable, cost-effective and highly efficient alternative to the more traditional brewhouse systems. Perfect for startup breweries, Micro-breweries and other craft breweries looking to inject more beer production into the brewery.

We developed a revolutionary platform at Bevo Tech that takes batch size flexibility to new levels. Our customizable solutions allow you to change the system according to your needs. Your creativity is the only limit. Want to add a third vessel to the system? Want to remove the grist silo? Contact us to find out how we can help you to fit your needs.


Control Your Brewhouse on the go.

When setting up a brewhouse facility, a set of common, system controls is crucial. You can make faster, more precise adjustments during your brew day since all of your important pump, heating, and cooling elements controls are localised and closer together.

The ability to make the system fully automatic allows the brewer to focus on the process that really matters, that is brewing. The control panel can also be customised to your needs while allowing you to control the system on the go using our mobile application.


Perfectly Brewed Beer Everytime.

A brewhouse is the beating heart of every craft brewery, and a growing brewing operation cannot afford even one day of downtime due to equipment breakdown. And the key to perfect heating in a brewhouse is independent heating for each vessel. Our brewhouse has separate heating elements for each vessel, allowing brewers to precisely control the temperature and process of their brewhouse.  

Furthermore, with more complex cellaring procedures, cleanliness issues can have a long-term impact on a brewery’s reputation. We have attempted to address these surprisingly widespread issues by requiring that our equipment be built to the highest standards, tolerances, and specifications.


Engineered to Minimize Labour.

As your brewery grows in popularity, new obstacles arise in growing and maintaining production from brew day through packing day. Our brewhouses are designed to reduce manual labour while increasing output. With a Bevo system, you can mitigate possible contamination, boost ingredient yield, and improve quality consistency.

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