pH Sensor InPro3100/120/PT100

Gel-Filled Electrode for pH. The InPro 3100 is a pH electrode with a temperature sensor, designed for measurement in bioprocesses where CIP and SIP procedures are required. The 120 mm version is optimal for short installation lengths.

Rugged pH Sensor for Bioprocesses

The InPro 3100 offers stable measurement without risk of diaphragm clogging due to the patented Argenthal silver-ion trap reference system.

Gel Electrolyte Reduces Maintenance

This is a gel-filled electrode that provides effective, accurate pH measurement with low maintenance requirements.

Sterilizable and Autoclavable

This sensor provides fast and precise pH measurement even after repeated autoclaving and sterilization cycles.

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Specifications – pH Sensor InPro3100/120/PT100

ISM (Digital) or AnalogAnalog
pH Sensing TechnologyHighly Alkali Resistant Glass Membrane for Tough Conditions (HA)
pH Range0 – 14
Reference SystemGel electrolyte, ceramic diaphragm, Argenthal cartridge with silver-ion trap
Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit)32 °F – 284 °F
Operating Temperature (Celsius)0 °C – 140 °C
Cable ConnectorVP
Process ConnectionPg 13.5 Thread
Sensor Length120 mm
Certificates & ApprovalsCE; METTLER TOLEDO Quality Certificate; FM: IS Cl. I, II, III, Div 1, GR ABCDEFG / T6; EHEDG; ATEX/IECEx: Ex ia IIC T6 / T5 / T4 / T3 Ga / Gb; PED
Operating Pressure (Bar)0 to 6 barg @ 140 °C
Model FamilyInPro3100(i)
Temperature SensorPt 100
Measurement ParameterpH
Shaft MaterialGlass
Operating Pressure (PSI)0 to 87 psig @ 284 °F
Refillable ElectroyteNo
Hazardous Area ApprovalsYes
Primary Media/ApplicationPharmaceutical/Life Science Production
Hygienic/Biocompatibility ApprovalsYes
Material Number(s)52000656


Reliable, Accurate and Robust

The InPro 3100 120/PT100 is designed to withstand the rigors of bioprocessing. It uses a gel-filled electrolyte, which requires less maintenance, and the silver-ion trap helps keep the junction clear, even in the presence of sulfide-bearing solutions.

Reliable Where Cleaning Is Needed

The InPro 3100 120/PT100 is designed for in-line pH measurements where sensor cleaning and sterilization is required. The sensor can withstand in situ SIP and CIP processes while maintaining fast and precise measurements.

Versatile to Meet Your Application Needs

This sensor can measure both pH in challenging applications, and has a built in Pt100 temperature sensor. It is pressure resistant up to 6 bar (87 psig) and has a watertight connector.


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