Pneumatic Three-Way Ball Valve - Flage type

The Pneumatic three-way flange ball valve combines a full port three-way flanged stainless steel ball valve for high flow rates with minimum pressure drop. For increased safety, the valve has a blowout-proof stem, strengthened PTFE seats and seals, and a 316 SS (ASTM CF8M) ball for improved performance. Actuators are directly installed, resulting in a compact arrangement suitable for small places. Limit switches can be attached directly to valves, providing for remote position indication. The pneumatic double acting actuator employs an air source to open and close the valve. The actuator has two supply ports, one for opening the valve and the other for closing it. Spring return pneumatic actuators open the valve using the air supply, and internally loaded springs close the valve. The SN solenoid valve is also available to electronically alter the air supply pressure between the air supply ports for opening and closing the valve. Actuators are made of anodized and epoxy coated aluminium for long-term corrosion resistance.


✅Ability to be modified to match any application

✅ Limit switches for remote monitoring

✅ Vented ball to minimize working torque

✅ Weatherproof or explosion-proof electric actuators

✅ Double acting or spring return anodized aluminium pneumatic actuators.

✅ Full port design to lower pressure drop across the valve.



Material: WCB, SS304, CF8, A744.
Standard: 3A, DIN, ISO, RJT, DS & BPE
Size: 0.5”- 4” or DN15-DN200
Certificate: CE
Operating Type: Manual, Pneumatic and Electric
Seal Material: PTFE
Surface Treatment: Mirror Polish & Matte
Connection Way: Weld, Clamp, Male or Female
Temperature : 500°C
Media: Water
Used: Extractor products parts, Pharmacy, Beer, Food, Dairy, Brewing, Beverage, Water Treatment and Chemical Industry.
Max Working Pressure: 1000Bar

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0.5", 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5", 4"


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