Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter imp.inch

O2 Analyzer InTap portable imp.inch
For Maximum Beer Quality Monitoring.The InTap meter, with the internal optical dissolved oxygen sensor, samples and measures DO values at-line for optimum control of beer production. It also serves as a tool for convenient calibration of in-line optical DO sensors.

Reduce calibration workload by 50%

Calibrate in-line sensors on the fly via Bluetooth interface. For convenient calibration of in-line optical DO sensors.

Proven optical technology

Contains high performance DO sensor using optical measurement technology, now accepted as the standard in brewery applications.

Safeguards measurement point security

Measures and documents up to 99 measurement point electronically.


Quick, convenient calibration

After measuring DO concentration at the sampling point and if calibration of the in-line sensor’s required, the InTap uses Bluetooth technology to transfer the calibration data. The in-line sensor is then adjusted automatically.

Accurate measurement down to low ppb

InTap utilizes the same optical technology as METTLER TOLEDO low ppb optical DO sensor (InPro 6970i) and measures accurately down to 2 ppb. These low values are needed in filling lines and production lines to avoid the out-of-spec products.

Data safety throughout the production

Data for up to 99 measurement points are recorded by the InTap portable dissolved oxygen meter and is saved on a USB drive for further documentation.

Traceable point-by-point measurement

Measurement point tracking in InTap means operators can easily tie measurement data to different places in production, and maintain records point-by-point for traceability and documentation purposes.


Specifications – O2 Analyzer InTap portable imp.inch
Measurement Parameter Optical fluorescence quenching
Measurement Range (Concentration) 0 ppb ; 2,000 ppb
Accuracy ≤± [1% +2ppb]
Response Time (Text) T98<20s
Primary Media/Application Food/Beverage Production
ISM (Digital) or Analog ISM (Digital)
Power 13 VDC, 2.5 A
Process Connection Hose – Swagelock 1/4″ NPT
CIP resistant 80°; 2% NaOH
Measuring Temp. Range 23 °F ; 140 °F
Operating Pressure (PSI) 0-87
Design Pressure (imp:) 145 psi
Protection Rating IP67
Digital Storage 8 GB
Operating Range 0 – 2000 ppb
Weight 7 lb
IP rating IP 67
Parameter(s) DO / O2gas
Power Supply 12 V DC nominal
Battery Life up to 24 h
Detection limit 2 ppb
Material Number(s) 30457912


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