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Bevo Tech Premium Gin Distillery

Bevo Tech Premium Gin Distillery. It has a jacketed low-density heating system. It’s specifically designed to make gin and other vapour-infused spirits.

1. It comes with an integrated gin basket

2. Optional second Lyne arm pipe available so it can be operated as a pot still without the gin basket

3. It can be used to make aromatic pot-still spirits like whiskey, fruit spirits, and rum

4. Solid copper kettle, neck, and expansion chamber

5. Type-307 stainless steel on the liquid side

6. Has an LED kettle light to illuminate the inside of the kettle for observation through the glass access-port

7. Has a parrot with a glass dome to observe the percent alcohol of the incoming spirit at any time

8. Electric agitator available

9. fully integrated CIP system available

10. Available as steam or electric Bain-Marie heated

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500L to 5000L Still Kettle (jacketed & Insulation) Electric OR Steam Heating:

Working Capacity: 500L (30% Head Space)
Tank Materials: The Inner Tank Is Copper And Others Stainless Steel 304
Tank Shape: Dish Head And Dish Bottom.
Thickness: Inner Tank: 4mm Jacket: 4mm Cladding: 2mm
With Agitator: 0.75kw/120rpm
Accessories: Handhole With 2″ Outlet, Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge, Thermometer, All – Glass Manhole
Electric OR Steam Heating With Electric Heating Element 4x15kw And Control Box.

Expansion Chamber:
Materials: Copper CU1220
Thickness: 3mm

Materials: Copper CU1220

Gin Basket:
Materials: Copper CU1220
Thickness: 3mm
Diameter: 200mm

Materials: Stainless Steel 304
Tube Type Heat Exchanger
Thickness: 3mm
Diameter: 200mm

Materials: Stainless Steel 304, Glass and Copper


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