Sledge - Low Foaming Caustic Cleaner


Concentrated highly chelated caustic CIP liquid with low-foam surfactant removes fat, protein, mineral scale and burnt-on soils in food processing. Cleans smokehouse.

Complies with HACCP and GMP guidelines.
Suitable for use in AQIS-inspected meat and food processing plants.

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Sledge provides effective removal of fats, proteins and burnt-on soils in the dairy and food processing industry. It is a low-foaming high-caustic solution that should be automatically dispensed into food plant CIP systems via conductivity or volumetric control. Low-foam surfactants and sequestrants ensure efficient clean and residue-free rinsing.

Product Features:

Caustic liquid
Highly chelated
Easily dispensed
Helps remove mineral scale along with fat and protein
Made in accordance with HACCP and GMP guidelines
Suitable for use in AQIS-inspected meat and food processing plants
Ideal for:

Cleaning smokehouse
Dairy, breweries, winemaking equipment and food processing plants
Stainless steel cleaning vats, tanks, silos
Heat-exchange equipment including pasteurisers and evaporators


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