Spunding Valve - Straight Pipe



Bevo Tech Spunding valve with Tri-Clamp / Union / Welding Ends

304 stainless steel material

This valve is used in the pressure vessel type pipeline system to adjust the one-way containers high-pressure explosion-proof vent valve.

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Spunding valves (Bunging valves) are variable pressure relief valves, commonly used on brewery tanks to assist with carbonation/maintenance of desired CO2 levels and release excess gas during the fermentation. They are not necessarily suitable as safety pressure relief valves. You should ensure any tanks are operated within their specified SWP ( safe working pressure) and have adequate pressure and vacuum relief fittings.

This valve is used in brewing equipment. Hygienic design, stainless steel SUS304. Sealing parts EPDM, in line with sanitary standards, reasonable structure, easy to use, automatic exhaust, and the accuracy of 90%, is the praise of most users in the fine industry!


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