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Wrap-around labeller 152C

152C – Precise & Cost-Efficient at Peak Power Performance

  • Suitable for a wide range of cylindrical products thanks to the press belt and counter plate
  • Also available with a roller prism for utmost precision. Prism technology makes perfect labelling and product alignment possible
  • The 152C wrap-around labeller lets you label up to 200 products per minute
  • Equipped with the HERMA 500 high-performance applicator
  • Most settings can be made quickly and do not require tools
  • HERMA quality – Made in Germany
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Why should precision be a matter of price?

This machine is a bestseller: It focuses on the essentials, provides an extraordinary performance, and is quickly amortized. This is ensured by a high-performance applicator and a maintenance-friendly solution featuring a wrap-around belt and a counterpressure plate. If precision is required for especially tricky products, optional roller prism technology can be employed.

The 152C ensures precise, cost-efficient labelling.

Best results & useful options

  1. By choosing the new HERMA 500, you can expect top performance in every aspect. Highlights of this technological flagship include a touchscreen with innovative menu navigation and state-of-the-art interfaces.
  2. Featuring a wrap-around belt and a counterpressure plate, the machine is suitable for an extensive range of cylindrical products.
  3. The 152C saves precious time. Most settings can be adjusted without tools.
  4. Spiral misalignment is practically eliminated through the use of a roller prism. Even labelling in orientation is not a problem.
  5. Printing units like hot-foil or thermal transfer printers can be easily integrated.
  6. The 152C master’s various mounting conditions and production environments. The conveyor belt is available with a width of 100 or 150 mm, at a length of 1,540 mm.
HERMA 152C Rundumetikettierer

Technical data

Labelling type:Wrap-around labelling
Product specifications:Cylindrical and free-standing
Product dimensions:Wrap-around labeling with belt: 30 – 150 x 30 – 250 mm (D x H) / Wrap-around labeling with roller prism: 20 – 100 x 30 – 250 mm (D x H)
Label dimensions:15 – 240 x 30 – 315 mm (W x L)
Capacity:With wrap-around belt up to 200 products/minute / With roller prism up to 75 products/minute
Power supply:230 V, 50 Hz, 1 phase, 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 phase (optional)
Compressed air supply:6 bar
Printer:Various hot-foil printers and thermal transfer printers (optional)
Components:Conveyor belt, side guides for products, roller-type separator, applicator, wrap-around belt with counterpressure plate
Optional features:Transfer plates at the infeed and outfeed, movable version, digital position indicators, roller prism with a wrap-around roller, aligned wrap-around labelling, outfeed jam check, signal column
Note:If optional features are chosen, the above data may vary


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